Thriving in Sex Work (workbook!)

$15.00 USD

Sex work doesn’t come with a beginner’s manual. Sex work is “easy money?” Hardly. Erotic labor can be demanding, draining, and complex. There’s no such thing as an employee handbook; most of us struggle to figure out this crazy business on our own. Lola Davina, acclaimed author of Thriving in Sex Work, drawing on more than 25 years in and around the sex industry, has created a workbook for sex work success. Lola’s step-by-step practical action plans and creative exercises guide you to:

• Identify, target, and achieve your ideal clientele
• Keep your body healthy and your mind clear
• Be your own very best boss (even when working for someone else)
• Execute feasible business and financial plans
• Become the sex work rock star you were born to be!

Creative, informative, inspirational, and fun, the Thriving in Sex Work Workbook makes sex work work for you. I found Lola's book so important and helpful, that I asked her if I could sell them in my store. She's even pre-autographed them!