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Image of UNSHAVEN (book)
  • Image of UNSHAVEN (book)
  • Image of UNSHAVEN (book)

Includes images and an interview with Jiz Lee on gender and body hair.

Unshaven is a fine art photography book by Nikki Silver celebrating women* who do not shave their body hair. Whether they are defying gender norms, rejecting consumer conformity, or developing a new kind of counter-culture body modification, the women of Unshaven may be the twenty-first century's post-modern heroines.

An original essay from journalist and sexuality educator Tina Horn accentuates these provocative images. With humor, personal anecdotes, and elegant analysis, Horn's writing explores the many political and social implications of unshaven women. This insight is supplemented by thoughtful words on feminine body hair from the models themselves.

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*This book was marketed as women, however many of the models featured in this book identify as non-binary. Jiz asserts their gender in their essay.